Alyana! - Women's Party Fragrance! - Impression of Victoria's Secret Bombshell! - 50ML! - Floral & Fruity! - Long Lasting! - Free Box Packaging!

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"I'm literally obsessed with this fragrance! It's so bold, so energetic, so ME!" - Sidra U. 

What does this smell like? Similar to Victoria Secret Bombshell

Make a lasting first impression!

Alyana is bottle of Floral & Beauty! This fragrance has a sweet, fruity, & slightly citrus smell that is perfect for parties, events, gatherings, weddings, or evening and night wear! This one is surely a head turned, when you step into a room!

Made using the highest quality oils & ingredients to have a long lasting effect, and strong projection!

Main Notes: Passion Fruit, Grapefruit, Strawberry, Red Berries, & Jasmine.

Comes in a beautiful Niovani Glass Bottle, with a quality spray and the official Niovani Box Packaging- perfect to gift yourself, or your loved one!