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Everything we have done is for you. From launching new designs, to coming up with entirely new categories, such as fragrances.

Founded in February 2019, Niovani was founded as an affordable luxury brand focusing on accessories.

We firmly believe in the experience of luxury, at an affordable and attainable price. Luxury does not need to break the bank, and everyday luxury makes each day more special.

Keeping quality in mind, we made sure all the watches you purchased were backed up by a 1 Year Warranty and the jewelry was composed of Genuine Sterling Silver as the base along with Genuine Crystals – not just glittering plastic.

In 2020, we decided to launch our line of Premium Fragrances for Men & Women – designer smelling scents, just for you.

Based in Karachi, Pakistan – we deliver our products Nationwide with a 3 Working Day shipping standard and an International Standard Packaging.

Every piece is quality inspected at every step of the production process. This makes sure you receive the highest quality product in your hand – produced by skilled craftsmen, with timeless designs and a rich heritage behind them.

How do we make luxury so affordable? We at Niovani use our Direct Sales Method, by which we cut the middleman and expensive distributors to sell to our customers directly.

Along with sourcing raw materials from various parts of the globe, each country is known for its own natural resources – we are able to keep costs low, delivering you the highest quality product possible at the most affordable price.

Our luxury products are based on premium features, durability, and top-notch customer service. Our customers are part of our community; are part of our Family.