Arabian Nights! - Men's Oriental Fragrance! - 50ML! - Exotic & Eastern! - Long Lasting Strength! - Free Box Packaging!

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"I love this exotic, Eastern fragrance. Reminds me of the history of the Arabc world whenever I wear it! And my entire office loves it!  - Kamran Z.

What does this smell like? Arabic. Oud. Eastern. Oriental Exotic!

Make a lasting first impression!

Alyana is bottle of Eastern Exotic! Oriental flavors, that take you back to the Arabian Nights upon the first smell! A classic, woody, oudy, fragrance which is a must have for any man in his collection! Perfect for Events, Friday's, Formal Gatherings, or just when you want to add an extra layer to yourself!

Made using the highest quality oils & ingredients to have a long lasting effect, and strong projection!

Main Notes: Honey, Musk, Wood, Amber

Comes in a beautiful Niovani Glass Bottle, with a quality spray and the official Niovani Box Packaging- perfect to gift yourself, or your loved one!