Mural De Ruitz - Energetic For Men! - 100ML - UAE Import!

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Uplift your mood anytime by giving your personality an instant
energetic boost with magnetic, edgy and mesmerizingly sweet scent
of EDP 100 Ml Energetic for Men with its high essence
concentration, the fragrance can last for long hours on you,
keeping you smell like a million buck. A perfect companion for
the active lifestyle, this fragrance is a must for every men who
loves to live on the edge and have a winning attitude towards
life. The fragrance opens with top notes of juicy bergamot, zesty
lemon and sweet tangy pineapple giving it that fruity kick. The
middle notes are rich with fresh orange blossoms and white
tobacco. The base notes contain earthy tones of cedar, patchouli,
sandalwood and amber. This eau de parfum is best for active
lifestyle and gym sessions. The fragrance comes in a sturdy looking
black bottle with silver detailing. It is packed in gorgeous tin
can so you can gift it to someone special.